Path disruption St Georges Road south of Arthurton Road - rescheduled

17 May Update:
These works have been rescheduled and different arrangements are being made which hopefully will be less disruptive for cyclists.

Council contractors will be completing safety works immediately south of Arthurton Road from Wednesday 18 May to 3 June 2016. There will be a PATH CLOSURE between Arthurton Road and the pedestrian signals south of Hawthorn Road. Bike riders will be required to dismount and walk for the length of the works (roughly 350m). The scope of works is outlined in red in the attachment.

These safety works were recommended in the St Georges Road Shared Path Safety Audit. Currently the path curves sharply and steeply (yellow area in attachment), these works will realign the path to provide a wider, gentler grade for the tram track crossing, and will separate out pedestrian and bicycles.

If you have any questions about these works please contact Che Sutherland, Team Leader Transport Strategy, PH: 8470 8665, email: